Zale's Diamonds
Zale’s diamonds have been created in 1924 and from the Fifties it has started to expand with stores all over the United States. Zale’s diamond has ever since become one of the main sellers of affordable diamond jewellery. Zale’s offer its goods both online and in several stores. Zale’s also operates Gordon’s Jewellery, People’s Jewellery, Pappins Jewellery and Pagoda Piercing store chains in the US, Canada and in Puerto Rico.

William and Morris Zale in Wichita Falls, Texas founded Zale’s Diamonds, today part of the Zale’s Corporations in 1924. The two brothers’ original idea was to sell quality for those who cannot afford expensive jewellery masterpieces. The first Zale’s store offered stationary goods like cookware, cameras and some basic jewellery. Then the profile has been expanded on the jewellery side and by the middle Thirties, the store sold only jewellery for a good price. In the Fifties, Zale’s changed their strategy with their move inside of shopping centres, which was also a new strategy in retail business. Today, Zale’s has over 600 stores around the country and offers its wide range of jewellery online. Zale’s has purchased the Canadian Jewellery store chain People’s Diamonds and operates stores under the above-mentioned names. The different companies also offer jewellery in different price ranges.

Zale’s Diamonds offer all sorts of collections, which include all sorts of engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, bangs, necklaces and earrings. Zale’s also offers several brands of watches, which mostly are manufactured by Movado Watches. The best watch brands on offer are the Citizen, Seiko and the quite rare Bulova watch brands. The collections are not all including diamonds. Zale’s Diamonds offer all sorts of gold, silver, platinum jewellery, with different gemstones and pearl. Zale’s Diamonds has implemented its special cut called Octillion cut, which gives a certain octagonal shape for the stones. The Octillion cut has about double as many facets as the normal round cut. Diamonds offered by Zale’s diamonds normally fall into the category of H-I which is means quite yellowish outlook, as diamonds colour grade start from D as the whitest. In clarity, the diamonds of Zale’s diamonds fall in the SI1-SI2 category, which is not really the best. Strangely, Zale’s diamonds do not offer GIA certificate, which is the highest grade of diamond certificates but has certificates generated by the IGI, whose certificates represent a lower category. The good point for Zale’s is that it offers the chance to compare the prices of its jewel prices with the prices of other jewelleries. Zale’s Diamonds also offers partial payment options for the customers. Another good point in Zale’s is that on its corporate website it is strictly against Blood diamonds. The bad thing is that apart from the fact it offers its jewellery online it has no logos on guaranteed payment programs and it does not tell much about delivery times and guarantees.

Zale’s Diamonds works a bit like Damas Jewellery in Dubai, however the quality is entirely different, as the quality of Damas Jewellery is much higher but with the same or even lower prices than those of Zale’s Diamonds.