Zainal Jewellers Dubai
The owner and founder of Zainal Jewellery, Mr. Zainal Dewji was born in 1972 with diamond being his birthstone. This might have predestined his future as well, as soon after he started to deal with precious jewellery, diamond and with several birthstones as well. Ever since, Zainal Jewellery is among the most popular jewelleries of Dubai, selling high quality jewellery.

Mr. Zainal the owner of Zainal Jewellery has always had a great passion for diamonds. Soon the appropriate exercise with this passion turned into a great diamond expert. Mr. Zainal has studied about diamonds and jewellery practically all around the world. By his origins, Mr. Zainal is Saudi Arabian with a grandfather who played a leading role in the Middle Eastern pearl and diamond trading business industry with friends from the Saudi Royal Family. Not only is Mr. Zainal famous all around Dubai for his expertise but Mr. Zainal also was offered the chance to design special unique diamond jewellery for the members of the Dubai Royal Family of Al Maktoum family and also other royal families of the Gulf region. Indeed, Zainal Jewellery is known to be the best diamond experts in Dubai.

The first Zainal Jewellery opened in 2000. There is no shape or type of diamond jewellery, which you would not find at Zainal Jewellery. Pink, blue, rose, green, yellow and the classic transparent white coloured diamonds are all present as loose diamonds or as diamond jewellery in the store of Zainal Jewellery. Of course, the jewellery does not only sell diamond jewellery but also rubies, sapphires, emeralds and all sorts of gemstones along. In Dubai, the competition in diamond and jewellery is very hard considering the high number of jewellery sold in the city. Therefore, no wonder it is not easy to stay alive here, even if you are good jewellery seller. However, Zainal Jewellery did not only survive by far but could earn a high prestige for itself in Dubai, which tells many things about a brand and about a vision.

The brand offers a unique service too: to design or to take part in the designing of your own jewellery. This way you get a unique masterpiece only for you. This does not only mean a materialistic but an even higher value for you. Zainal Jewellery does not only sell jewellery but also sells birthstones and helps you finding out which birthstone is yours.

The Zainal Jewellery has many guarantees for ensuring that you make the best business for the best quality diamond jewellery in Dubai. Therefore, you can freely trust this brand and its items. You will meet a huge variety of all sorts of jewellery over here. If you are interested in buying loose stones and loose diamonds, you can freely do so at Zainal Jewellery. The main store and showroom of Zainal Jewellery can be found behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai, which is quite close to the Dubai International Airport. Check out the offer of Zainal Jewellery and think well, if you have a brilliant idea on what diamond jewellery to get for yourself, it is the time to make your idea come true the best possible ways.