Yellow Diamonds
Yellow and canary yellow diamonds are the most likely natural coloured diamonds in the diamond trading industry. There are many world-famous worthy yellow diamonds in the world, starting from the yellow diamond of Tiffany and Co., Alnatt Diamond, the Cross of Asia or the Eureka Diamond being the first diamond found in South Africa.

Diamond’s natural colour has a scale. This scale starts from the colourless, so-called white diamonds and goes until the visible yellow diamonds. You would be surprised to see, how much the colour depends on the actual shape and cut of the diamond and the material of the jewellery. This means while you would see your diamond is not exactly white with the radiant, cushion or oval shapes, you would not have a clue if your diamond is round shaped. The jewellery in which your diamond is located also bases what you actually see of the diamonds actual colour. If the jewellery is yellow gold, then you will not be able to distinct the shade of your actual diamonds even if in real on scale its closer to yellow than to white.

That is why the colour of the diamond is very tricky. If you buy a diamond, you will see its colour scale in the certificate. The natural colour scale for diamonds starts at D-F and ends at O-P. D-F is where the diamond is completely “white” translucent, at O-P the yellow colour is the most visible. Other diamonds, which contain different substances, chemicals or crystals, can get different colours too. The most important difference between white and yellow diamonds is their price. The white or all translucent diamonds are the most valued diamonds on earth. You might buy a diamond looking all white, while it is in real in the K or M in the scale closer to yellow. This depends on the exact cut and the fluorescence caused by a cut. A good fluorescence make the diamond look white, even when it is closer to yellow. The question is how much they will want you to pay for your diamond this way, if you notice the colour scale. Yellow diamonds and other fancy coloured diamonds can be much less worthy than the whites can, especially if they are not naturally but artificially coloured.

The whole thing depends on the natural look and natural colour of your diamond. Yellow diamonds are the highest priced among the coloured diamonds, because their colour is the most possibly natural. With the coloured diamonds often called fancy colour diamonds, it is crucial to know if the colour is natural or generated. You will see the difference. While a natural yellow, diamond is not all yellow but a yellow tinted white, as if you see Fanta through an ice cube, or it is the Fanta itself, a stone looking all yellow, in which case it is not naturally yellow diamond.

The artificially coloured diamonds are normally cheaper brown diamonds turned into fancy coloured diamonds. This way you can get canary yellow, all shades of green, purple, red or blue diamonds. However, natural yellow diamonds can be very worthy stones, so take your time to examine the exact colour and the certificate of your diamond along with the price, before purchasing them. You will be able to see several shades of Diamonds in Dubai. Please note that coloured diamonds do not have previously stated prices, but yellow being the most valuable when natural might cost close to the price of real diamonds. Check out the shade of any diamond always along with their certificate and colour grade on it.