Surat Diamond Jewellery
Surat Diamond Jewellery seems a trustable website for the first sight. It contains all the GIA signs of selling strictly the certificated diamonds in its online store. It also offers many guarantees and other certifications which make them more reliable than many other diamond selling websites in the world. Surat Diamond Jewellery has been named after Surat region in India where the most diamonds in the world are cut and polished.

Surat Diamond Jewellery is also in a business relationship and cooperation with the national German airways the Lufthansa offering air miles for the purchase of a diamong jewellery and also offering air miles to be used upon the purchase of any diamond jewellery from Surat Diamond. Other business partners include American Express and the company is also an authorised member of the Radiance of Trust association selling its goods officially cheaper than most online selling companies. Surat Jewellery also offers gift vouchers for some of the newly registered members.

About the offer of Surat Diamond Jewellery: they offer all sorts of diamond jewelleries online for women, including two men’s collections, Indian collection and a special sports collections as well, including a gift certificate’s section as well. They offer all sorts of insurance for their shipments also they offer baby jewellery, marriage sets, pearl jewellery, including an engagement, anniversary and corporate gifts guide as well.

About the connection between Surat Diamond Jewellery and Dubai, we can rely on several statements saying that Surat is more keen to cooperate with Dubai, several jewelleries even moving their base to Dubaiwhere they can work under special tax free conditions which are not available nowhere else in the world. It is more than sure that Surat Diamond Jewellery cooperared with several Dubai jewelleries regarding the trade of loose diamonds and jewelleries as well. The only negative thing about Surat Diamonds Jewellery is that they don’t state anywhere the exact places where they receive the diamonds so you can only rely on what the diamond certificate says after purchasing an item. The world is trying to cut out the so called “ Blood diamonds “ from the diamond business, but like this there is not much hope, till there is no exact information on where does one’s diamonds come from. Besides it’s still Surat Diamond Jewellery whose website seems the most trustable for buying diamonds online next to some Dubai based jewellers’ website such as Samra the local expert in diamonds, who also doesn’t state the origin of its diamonds.

However at Surat Diamond Jewellery you can get some good strong guarantee on getting what you pay for which means the most in every online based business. Surat Diamond Jewellery is also stating on its website that it has intentions to open its very first shops first in India, so we might see the Surat Diamond Jewellery grow even bigger when this happens. For sure, the next place after India where they open their retail will be in Dubai as the current Middle Eastern hub for diamond trading.