Samra Diamonds Dubai
Jewellery is Dubai’s biggest and wealthiest business choice coming right after the oil and the tourism. The jewellery sold in Dubai yearly is worth 55% of the total global selling and this means a lot. Dubai is really a jewellery city where you cannot go anywhere without getting past at least a dozen different jewellery shops. Diamond and diamond jewellery is making a part of the total jewellery sold yearly in Dubai. The big jewelleries like Samra jewellery, is making themselves global in order to widen their market of selling affordable yet perfect quality diamond jewellery.

Dubai, which is also called as the City of Gold should soon get the nickname: The “City of Diamonds”. Although Dubai does not have diamond mining possibilities, but it possesses a great business sense and great geographical situation to recreate itself into being an international hub for all sort of diamond related business. With the backup of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which offers tax-free manufacturing, logistic and exhibition / merchandising options for all international jewellery and gemstone manufacturers, the role of Dubai in the global diamond trading life is getting more and more important. The yearly-held Dubai International Jewellery Week creates a great platform for meeting and networking between the jewel trading and manufacturing world. The Dubai Diamond Exchange, owned by the royally appointed Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is taking part and creating the biggest diamond related tenders in the world. It also takes part in the international meetings of the World Diamond Bourses Federation.

Samra Jewellery is one of the most professional diamond jewellery sellers in Dubai. Samra was keen to stay updated and took its business online where you can find a greatly detailed website featuring all sellable diamond goods of the jewellery store. Samra is also an expert in selling wedding sets, engagement and wedding rings. Samra offers four different collections, with different designs and the usage of different coloured gemstones along with its jewellery. The Aria, Paula, Samra and Splendore all differ from each other in looks and usage. Aria collection specializes in all sorts of different beautiful pendants along with Islamic pendants as well. The used materials are mainly white gold with diamond; the other coloured gemstones are ruby, emerald and sapphire. It also features black diamond jewellery rings. Paula collection has a fresher style with much more colours, with yellow gold with the usage of citrine, amethyst, topaz, and quartz, green, yellow and pink diamonds. Samra collection features the classic beautiful clean diamond jewellery, featuring great jewellery sets. Splendore follows Samra’s elegant line. The engagement rings and wedding jewelleries come mainly from these two collections.

Samra Jewellery has a great online selling system, with next day delivery within Dubai and 3-5 days delivery outside of Dubai. Do not forget that in case you buy it, you will not be able to avoid the paying of tax for your diamond jewellery upon delivery. This can cost several hundreds. Samra delivers with FedEx. You can find Samra’s diamond jewellery in the huge Dubai Gold Souk as well. You can save a lot of money by buying your jewellery in Dubai.