Piaget Diamonds Dubai
Piaget is a very special Swiss company, which has become famous for its best quality watches and jewellery all around the world. The company, which was born in Côte-aux-Fees ranks as the sixth most important jewellery brand in the world, meaning that is also the sixth most searched brands in the world. Piaget is among the few who have started as watch manufacturers, but their jewelleries have become famous before their watches. Piaget started with watch production relatively late. Today Piaget watches are among the best watches, most punctual and most beautifully designed watches in the world. Piaget is present at many stores in Dubai with its flagship store being in the Dubai Mall.

A Swiss watchmaker and specialist Georges Piaget in La Côte-aux-Fées founded Piaget in 1874. Piaget is famous for the highest fantasy watch making in the world. They have included specific watches in brooches, cufflinks. Their mystery jewellery watches have also become famous very quickly. Watchmakers before, not even in Switzerland, produced these specific types of watches. Currently, Piaget has the biggest diamond jewellery collection and diamond jewellery-manufacturing factory in Genéve from where all of its great and beautiful collections of diamond jewellery come. Piaget mixes the art of jewellery and watch making perfectly in many of its creations. They are also very famous for their miniature paintings called enamels in their watches. They make the enamels with a special technique so that it will never come off. Today, Piaget is part of the Swiss Richemont (formerly Vendome) ground dealing with and representing the highest quality luxury brands all over the world. Piaget is famous for owning the entire manufacturing process of their diamond jewellery. They do the cutting, the adjustment and the settings, together with the great jewellery, which gives home to the gemstones. Piaget is strictly against any sort of Rebel or Blood Diamonds and guarantees that no diamonds used in its diamond jewellery are from an unclear source. The company is member of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, out of which the latter is the one, which gives the biggest guarantee on the birthplace of the diamond.

When Richemont bought Piaget’s jewellery factory in Genéve in 1988, hard work had begun with the release of several new diamond jewellery collections for the public. The first collections born this time included Possession, Tanagra, Limelight and Miss Protocole, which also issued special watches with interchangeable straps. Piaget offers also watches in its jewellery sets, to make the collection to its fullest. The mentioned collections are still alive and refreshed from time to time, with the exception of Tanagra not offered these years. Other notable diamond jewellery collections include Wedding, Piaget Heart, Creative Collection and the For Men collections.

In Dubai, you can find the main Piaget store in the Dubai Mall. Other signature store is located in the Wafi Mall as well. The watches and diamond jewellery of Piaget is also sold by the brand’s Dubai retailer Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons who have several other stores all over Dubai, in the best locations. Surely, thanks to its extra high quality, Piaget is and will be among the most popular and most exclusive diamond jewellery and watch brands in the world.