Navrang Diamond Jewellery
Buying diamonds is getting more and more popular in Dubai and the sheikhdom makes a high effort in order to promote its diamond trading to be as strong as its gold trading activity. There are several great diamond sellers, retailers and manufacturers as well. Navrang Jewellery is one of these great diamond retailers. With its Indian and Bahraini roots, the jewellery has managed to build out a great business in Dubai, selling beautiful diamond jewellery, or to sell them as loose stones. While you are in Dubai and looking for some great experience in diamonds, do not miss to visit Navrang Jewellery.

A talented jeweller called Kantilal P. Waya established Navrang Jewellery back in 1972 in Bahrain. Later on the business has chose to move to Dubai where the family was seeing better chances for the flourishing of its business. Ever since, Navrang Jewellery is among the most prosperous jewelleries in Dubai, a professional when it comes to diamonds. The jewellery still works as a family business. Today, Navrang Jewellery has several showrooms in Dubai, in the huge shopping malls and it is among the preferred jewelleries of Dubai when it comes to diamonds. Navrang Jewellery sells all sorts of women’s jewellery, from rings to pendants, from necklaces and bracelets to full diamond jewellery sets you can get it all in one place. Navrang Jewellery offers loose diamonds and other loose gemstones too. The prices of Navrang Jewellery are rather economical which makes them even more popular among those who have once visited one of its great stores. In order to keep up with the latest trends also Navrang Jewellery has joined the league of those who have their E-shops online as well. Their online business is also flourishing. On the website of Navrang, you will get a nice detailed description on all of their jewellery items and there is chance not only to shop but also to track your shipment after buying, so you can follow its way till it’s reaching you. Be sure to know before ordering though, how much you have to pay for the customs for each piece of diamonds or jewellery.

Navrang Jewellery works with both yellow (original) gold and white gold, sometimes-creating beautiful combinations out of the two and besides diamonds they are also dealing with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and cultured pearls. In the Navrang Jewellery shops, you can get assurance that you get the very best services for your money. Their diamonds are all certified and come with a GIA certificate. The staffs of each Navrang jewellers is perfectly trained and will assure you that they will do their best to help you with the choices and with the choosing process and in all the other jewellery related questions.

Of course, every single Navrang stores have their great selection of high quality diamonds, diamond jewellery. Today you can find Navrang Jewellery in the Dubai Mall the hugest shopping mall in Dubai, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the brand new Marina Mall in the Dubai Marina.