Mouawad Diamond
Mouawad Diamond Co. started in the beginning of the 20th century and today is among the richest companies in the world. Starting from Lebanon, where its base and centre is located now too, Mouawad Diamond Co. is among the largest fine jewellery and timepieces manufacturers in the world.

Mouawad Diamond is a real family corporation with the fourth generation practicing leadership from 2010. The story starts with the escaping of the grand grandfather David Mouawad from Lebanon to Mexico where he learnt jewellery and watch making, later returning to his home country with his family. His son Fayed Mouawad moved to Saudi Arabia where he became one of the main fine jewellery and watchmaker of the region. Today’s Mouawad Diamond Corporation started its career from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Fayed wanted their sons to go to the best schools in the world, so his four sons were studying in Geneva about management. Then later on the fourth son, Robert was chosen to take over the family business, for which he made a lot. He worked relentlessly in order to enlarge the business, with the designing of the best jewellery items, with making next contacts all around the world, which finally succeeded in the birth of the Mouawad agglomerate. The passion of Roberts for watches and for diamonds was always very strong. He has bought as many of the best-known and largest diamonds in the world. This today is in a special family collection, which rarely is exhibited. Mouawad Diamond Co. Went so far that it was the one helping the GIA being the world’s main institute issuing diamond certificates, so that they can move to a bigger better lab in California. Mouawad Diamond Co. has grown so much that Robert Mouawad founded the Mouawad Real Estate Group, which has built two huge resorts in the Middle East already, the Robert Mouawad Private Museum in Lebanon and the Robert Mouawad Campus at the GIA in memory of Mouawad sponsoring their moving. The Mouawad Corporation is currently among the biggest jewellery corporations in the world.

The Moawad Diamond watches are also worth mentioning a couple of words about. Mouawad was among the first watchmakers in the Middle East that included diamond and other gemstone decorations in their watches. Soon, Mouawad bought the Swiss factory at Les Breuleux famous for their watch making traditions. Since then, the timepieces of Mouawad are manufactured in Switzerland and they make first class watches both in designs and in functionality. There are two main lines of collections at Mouawad Diamond Co: the Robergé (with the words Robert and Genéve) and the Trebor (Robert if you read from backwards) Collections sold in high numbers everywhere in the world.

Mouawad Diamond’s main headquarters are located in Beverly Hills, USA, in Bangkok in Thailand, in Genéve, Switzerland, in Ashrafieh, Lebanon, with the Mouawad Mena DMCC (being a member of the Dubai Multi Commodities Corporation) seated in the ALMAS Tower in Dubai. The main shop of Mouawad Diamond Co. in Dubai can be found in the Dubai Mall, on the first floor. They do not make contracts with any other retailers to sell their goods and you are not able to shop from their website neither. So, visit the Dubai Mall, to see the highly exclusive Mouawad store.