Helzberg Diamond
Helzberg Diamond is a widely known name in the United States. It got first famous for its stores selling diamond jewellery with accessories and watches then it decided to go online. Although not flawless, the success of Helzberg country wise is quite big.

The Helzberg Diamond company was founded in 1918 with a Missouri headquarters is owned by Warren Buffett who is among the richest people in the world. Helzberg Diamonds operate 234 stores all over the United States. With their appearance on the internet the company has opened for worldwide sales. They sell all sorts of diamond jewellery with their own certificate which means that the certificate is not the authorised GIA certificate which is the most commonly used by the trusted diamond selling companies. Helzberg although being among the biggest online and normal diamond retailers are more and more criticised for the lack of good customer service and most commonly about the general lack of information regarding its diamonds. It’s a growing problem that most websites do not offer an absolutely clear picture regarding the exact quality, colour, clarity of their diamonds, stating only the number of Carats. Contrary to being among the biggest, Helzberg is not ranked among the top 5 diamond retailers by the Top Consumer Reviews website and its service is often said to be poor with misleading information and general scams concerning the lifetime warranties especially for which the company requires an extra money paid.

The signature diamond cut for Helzberg is called the Radiant Diamond Cut, which is also often criticised for not making diamonds appear in their best light because of the too much facets caused by the Radiant cut. The prices of Helzberg are also not competent enough with the current global market of worldwide diamond selling. There has been other insults on behalf of Helzberg in connection with frauds, rip-offs, extra charges coming from nowhere leaving a growing mass of people dissatistied by the brand itself.

Helzberg has an exclusive contract with several watches brands, so you can also purchase all sorts of Movado, Gucci, ESQ and Citizen watches online or in any of the Helzberg stores. Contrary to the bad customer reviews Helzberg is backed by several committees like the Diamond Council of America the Jewellers Vigilance Committee, the American Gem Society with also the GIA logo on their website. So its quite sad, to read so many bad experiences in connection with its services. Collections of jewelleries are often designed by the same jewellery designers who also do designs for Saks Fifth Avenue out of which the first non-US store has recently opened in Dubai, the Middle Eastern capital of diamonds. Apart from the bad reviews the website of Helzberg Diamonds seems close to impeccable with several offers of sets and single items for all sorts of occasions.

Helzberg Diamond is a fine example of an almost monopoly state which it has reached before, forgetting about the competence all around. Helzberg Diamonds need to act who they say they are, a responsible diamond trader who takes the responsibility over its actions and most importantly over its diamond jewellery.