Harry Winston Diamonds
Harry Winston Diamond Corporation is one of the highest appraised US diamond-manufacturing corporations in the world. The Harry Winston diamond jewellery was worn by several famous stars and by wives of the richest of the world. Being among the best in making quality diamond jewellery, Harry Winston selling real quality is naturally present in Dubai.

Harry Winston is a professional jeweller creating its company in 1932 under the name Aber has relations and is a shareholder within one of the biggest diamond mining corporation called Rio Tinto Group through being a 40% stake shareholder of the Canadian Diavik Diamond Mine which is the second largest mine of Canada, famous for its fine quality diamonds. Harry Winston has the best connections in order to establish a big diamond business, which it did with high success. The Canadian diamond mining had started relatively late, only in 2002. Before that, diamonds were transferred to Harry Winston through Antwerp and Africa. Besides Harry Winston does not do franchise. Its stores and factories around the world are in 100% ownership of the company itself. The company also sells about 25% of loose diamonds directly to Tiffany and Co. for manufacturing them into being their jewellery. Harry Winston is also present on the Antwerp diamond market through Aber International, which acts as the rough diamond dealer of the corporation.

Harry Winston jewellery was among those lucky corporations, thanks to Mr. Winston to buy and handle many of the worlds biggest, most beautiful and most famous diamonds. The Hope Diamond originated from India where it was bought in the 1600s by the famous jeweller himself and remained part of his personal collection. This is a unique blue diamond purchased by Mr. Winston in 1949 and it was offered by him in 1958 as a donation to the Smithsonian Institute of Washington D.C. to make the diamond a common commodity of the United States. Around seven million visitors of the Institute’s Museum visit the diamond each year. Winston also featured the most beautiful diamonds and diamond jewellery in its exhibitions, which went all around the country exhibiting its best and most beautiful pieces between 1949 and 1953. Harry Winston bought the huge Lesotho diamond, found by a woman in South Africa. The cutting process was also shown live in the televisions, during which Mr. Winston cut the huge gemstone to 18 small gemstones in every sizes, named from Lesotho 1 to 18. The Lesotho one is the largest with its 71.73 carats. Aristotle Onassis for his bride Jackie then Kennedy bought the second biggest stone of Lesotho. In addition, Harry Watson jewellery worked on the cutting of the original diamond from which the Taylor-Burton diamond was born. The company, next to selling diamond jewellery also offers its own brand watches with perfect quality. Harry Winston sells its diamonds to every big jewellery house in the world.

In Dubai, you can also find a great quality brand store of Harry Winston selling its great quality diamond jewellery in the huge Atlantis the Palm hotel in the outer rim of the Palm Jumeirah Island. Harry Winston diamond jewellery is famous for its premiere quality and can be found everywhere in the world, as a retailer and as a whole-seller as well.