Graff Diamonds Dubai
Graff Diamonds is among the biggest diamond jewellery empires in the world with its owner Lawrence Graff to be among the top diamond connoisseurs and in the league of the richest men in the world. The history of Graff Diamonds is quite colourful starting from London United Kingdom. Of course, Graff is well represented in Dubai, the Middle Eastern hub of diamonds.

Graff Diamond’s founder Mr. Lawrence Graff has succeeded in the creation of such a diamond empire which only a very few could build in the world. For this reason, Graff Diamond is present in several places in the world, its own teams doing every single phase of work with the diamonds. Graff is with its diamonds from the moment they are mined in South Africa until they are sold for someone. Its factories, mines and manufacturing labours are in Johannesburg, South Africa, Antwerp, Botswana, Mauritius, London (UK) and in New York, where the special diamonds arrive to be cut and polished. Graff will soon open its new factories in China. Graff Diamonds deal with only the best quality diamonds, which make all of their jewellery highly exclusive. Graff, because it has specialised strictly on quality and not quantity has around 30 boutiques worldwide. Its main offices can be found in New York, Tokyo, Geneva and Hong Kong, outside of the UK. You can be sure that each Graff diamonds you buy, they were dealt with the highest care directly by the Graff Diamond’s staff.

Mr. Graff has always been an avid fan of diamonds. At the height of his career, he did its best to shop the world’s most expensive and unique diamonds at several auctions. Currently he owns the Paragon and the Lesotho Promise, which had been cut after its purchase. Graff also bought the Star of America and the Sun King diamonds, both of which he has cut not long after. Graff Diamonds is a shareholder of the South African Diamond Corporation and has great interest in the Gem Foundation Diamond mining company, which is among the top miners of diamond in the world.

Graff Diamonds has currently two extra-protected stores in Dubai, one in the Atlantis The Palm and the other in the huge Dubai Mall. The former store in the Wafi Mall was victim of a huge robbery committed by the so-called the Pink Panther robbers who have managed to rob the London store of Graff previously, making the second biggest jewellery robbery in the history by far.

The latest diamond collections of Graff Diamonds are Butterfly, Diamonds on Diamonds, Chandelier and Waterfall. Graff Diamonds is also one of the few experts of high-end diamonds, which are the most beautiful priciest diamonds in the world, mostly only bought by the richest people in the world, sheikhs, kings, presidents and other upper governmental personalities. The company also offers the best quality diamond engagement rings for the customers. Graff Diamonds is also present in watch making producing the highest quality watches for the higher classes. Its watch collections are named: Mastergraff, Scubagraff, Chronograff, Graffstar and the special top-expensive jewellery watches. The Graff watches are all made in Switzerland, where Mr. Graff also resides. Mr. Graff is the member of several diamond and jewellery related associations in the world next to being present at top cultural events all around the world.