Garrard Diamonds
Garrard, formerly Asprey & Garrard is a luxury diamond jewellery and silver manufacturer company founded by George Wickes in London in 1735. It is among the highest appreciated jewelleries of the United Kingdom also, because the company had been the official crown jewellery keeper and silverware manufacturer for the Royal Family until 2007 when the post had been given to another company. Still Garrard holds and highly values its Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales. The post had been theirs from 1843, when Queen Victoria appointed them. The Garrard and Co. offers the best quality diamond jewellery all over the world, with its main flagship stores being in New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong.

It was Garrard and Co., which has dealt with the cutting and polishing of the most beautiful diamonds and making the most elegant diamond jewellery in the world. It today decorates the Royal Crown of United Kingdom together with the Imperial Crown of India belonging to the Royal Family. Famous diamonds, which Garrard has dealt with, include the Cullinan diamonds with the Great Star of Africa and they were those who re-cut the huge Koh-I-Noor diamond for the Royal Crown as well. Garrard established its other company in 1915. Then they established the Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Company, which is famous for its phonograph turntables. This company was in operation until 1992. In 1998, Garrard merged with Asprey; another recognised diamond Jewellery Company becoming Asprey & Garrard. In 2006, Garrard became independent again; today the company is in the ownership pf Yucaipa Cos. an American private equity corporation. The logo of Garrard is beholding its heritage since 1822.

Garrard houses numerous splendid collections in its diamond jewellery stores, all of them designed and manufactured with the highest professionalism and care. The company is among the best and most expensive diamond jewellery makers in the world. Some memorable collections include the Hummingbird, Knightrider, Hunter, Entanglement, Deco, 275th anniversary, Eternity, Royal Claster, Timeless and Grace Jewellery collections. Garrard is still faithful to its traditions in making rich silver ware that they also offer in their stores. Garrard also offer exclusive gemstones for a very few high-class customers.

Garrard is present in Dubai under numerous addresses. Its main brand diamond jewellery stores can be found in the Dubai Mall, with its second store opening in 2006 in the Mall of the Emirates, within the British Shopping Centre Harvey Nichols in order to represent the qualities of Great Britain in Dubai. The Dubai retailer of the brand is the Al Tayer Group, which offers Garrard jewellery in its main stores called Azal being in the Emirates Towers Boulevard and in the Souk Madinat. Further Garrard store can be found in the Atlantis, the Palm hotel.

Garrard is unique diamond jewellery store, which is really a must-see for every fan of high-class jewellery. They deal with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and several other gemstones. Their collections of diamond jewellery are beautiful and unique. An interesting note: the creative director of Garrard was Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger until 2002.