Fortrez Diamonds
Fortrez Diamonds is an Antwerp based dealer of diamonds and all sorts of diamond jewellery. The company was established about 25 years ago and currently it is among the best Antwerp diamond manufacturers offering the finest diamonds with the best certificates for the public. Fortrez Diamonds do not openly resell their goods or let their goods to be retailed by other companies, so we could not find exact traces on whether their jewellery is sold in Dubai or not.

Fortrez Diamonds deals with two types of diamonds, dealing with them in two ways. The company manager and owner is Robert Van Beurden who is experienced jeweller with great knowledge in diamonds and he is the one always who first chooses the best diamonds for the future Fortrez Collections. One part of their diamonds come with the label “Crafted by Infinity“ which means in real that those diamonds arrive from the exclusive diamond company called Infinity which cuts only the best 1000 diamonds a year.

Fortrez makes the diamond jewellery in house. They do not offer additional items like watches. They offer rings, earrings and bracelets in their Gianni Collection. They offer rings, duo sets and pendants. The Fortrez diamonds deals with loose diamonds. On their website, you can choose the preferred shape and you can look straightaway to the Infinity diamonds only. The Fortrez Diamonds have two stores in two countries, in Belgium and in the United Kingdom. They offer their UK London office for those who are customers from Europe, because of the high taxes for the jewellery and gemstones in Belgium. The Fortrez Diamonds operate from these two addresses only, they do not have any more stores, shops and any other retailers in the world do not sell their items. Out of loose diamonds, you can choose between round–cut and brilliant cut diamonds by giving all the required coordinates on the diamonds on the website of Fortrez that gives you the instant prices and details on the stones.

Fortrez Diamond offer all sorts of certificates, guarantees, which make sure you buy a diamond from a straight origin, make sure you get the quality that you pay for and make sure your purchase online is safe purchase. The Fortrez is present at the meetings of the Diamond Bourse as well. They make also custom designs on the wish of a customer but they offer lifetime trade up guarantee only for their Infinity diamonds. On the website of Fortrez, you can learn a lot about diamonds and diamond trading, classifications, certifications and the various methods of evaluating a diamond. This gives you a perfect insight into this very special world of diamonds. You can also learn a lot about the misconceptions and the frauds that some diamond traders are trying with their customers.

Although they are not present in Dubai, the Capital of Diamonds in the Middle East, they are represented in the World Capital of Diamonds, in Antwerp. Check out the website of Fortrez Diamonds, they are among the best and friendliest diamond manufacturers of Belgium. If you have any question, call Fortrez diamonds on their hot-line number.