Farah Design Dubai
Not long ago, Farah Design Jewellery has been established in Dubai. The main designer and creator of Farah Design Jewellery is a woman called Farah Barakat. It is extreme in the Arabic world of jewellery for a woman to establish her business alone, but thanks to the multiple generations of goldsmiths and jewellers in her family, Farah has been influenced from an early age by the world of gemstones, diamonds and golden jewellery. Farah Design Jewellery is also among the very few types of jewellery, which produce all sorts of jewelleries with the usage of all sorts of coloured gemstones, such as amethyst, citrine, Turqoise, Peridot, pearls. Farah Design Jewellery of Dubai also works with quality diamonds, rubies, opals, emeralds as well.

The collections of Farah Design Jewellery of Dubai are very colourful, fresh and rather happy collections designed for young women who are eager to stand out of the crowd by doing it effortlessly freshly and elegantly. The good thing in the Farah pieces is that they do not mirror the dead elegant all black and white attitude that most other designers do. Even its diamond jewellery collections come as elegant, colourful and sophisticated items which suit greatly for everyone. Farah Design Jewellery has a nice collection dedicated for men as well. Farah Design Jewellery prefers the usage of white gold as it is the trendier now with diamonds.

Jewellery and special stones need a lot of care. Farah Design Jewellery is one of the few Dubai jewel specialists, which does its best to take care of every potential customer on its website. It has nice and detailed information about each gemstones, diamonds and pearls. Pearls especially need a very special care, as they are no stones or such material. According to the site of the Dubai Farah Design Jewellery, you should take high care of your pearls, avoid them from any high temperatures, no perfume, no other chemicals should touch them. You should also take a high care of your pearl jewellery. The pearls should be washed with mild soapy tepid water only occasionally. Farah Design Jewellery teaches us lots of important information about how to store our jewellery in the best, safest way, in order for being able to wear them in their real shine for many decades more. Moreover, not only that, Farah offers diamond and coloured gemstone advices online and via phone. Farah Design Jewellery only deal with GIA certified assistants on whom you can freely rely when it comes to jewellery.

Farah Design is a professional diamonds and coloured gemstone jewellery store, alone standing in many ways in Dubai. It is not average in this valued industry for having a woman as the brain and the manager behind such company, but Farah Barakat has become a real professional and an expert in diamonds.

Farah Design sells its good out of two shops in Dubai, from the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall at its brand store and showroom, then from the Adnan Jewellery, located in the Mazaya Centre at Sheikh Zayed Road. The brand also has store in Abu Dhabi.