Elini Diamonds
Elini Diamonds is a Belgian jeweller, watchmaker, and manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience behind its back. The jewellery of Elini Diamonds is sold all over the world, with Elini diamonds coming from the high capital of diamonds, Antwerp. The items of Elini Diamonds, jewellery and watches are also sold in Dubai, the capital of money for luxury. So let us see where Elini Diamonds comes from and how do they create and sell their great collections.

Elini Diamonds and Jewellery was established in 1989 in Antwerp which was already world famous for handling the world’s biggest part of diamond trading. The vision of the founders of Elini was to make diamond jewellery accessible for a bigger number of people and to make high numbers of different collections, in order to make jewellery designs more colourful , so today Elini designs about 20,000 different pieces, ranging from earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, all sorts of rings, bangs and men’s jewellery and watches. Elini is not only a trader, it has its own factory where jewellery is designed and created for the customers. The watch collection is also made in house at Elini with high quality tools in order to give as much precision to its watches as a quality watch requires. Elini watches are either automatic or quartz; the diamond jewel collection of watches is highly popular too. Elini Diamonds today brings the most colourful designs in its jeweller’s collections, creating such masterpieces, called the Signature Collections, which are indeed unique in their style. The secret of innovative style at Elini Diamonds is that they hire always-new designers to bring new colour in the schemes, each year fresh designs can be produced at Elini Diamonds.

Elini Diamonds currently offer seven jewellery collections: Hamsa, Seagull, Bi Color, Micro Pavé, Chinese Silk, Jungle and Joy. Its watch collection is even more colourful by offering more than ten different watch collections, in all sizes, in every style with high precision and with great value. The watches collections contain designs for men like the Spirit Mechanical, Captain, Spirit Chronograph, Commander, Square World and South Beach and for women in the Dove, Nova, Elysees, Genesis Ladies collections. Elini is also present at the biggest diamond and jewellery fairs and exhibitions

Elini has different ways to offer its goods. First, you can buy the collections at hundreds of jewellery stores all around the world. Then they are sold online by its site and by other retailers too, it has a thick presence on EBay as well. In Dubai, the Elini has a contract with Al Zain Jewellery so you can get to see Elini Diamonds, watches and jewellery in the Dubai store of Al Zain Jewellery in the Deira City Centre and in the BurJuman Shopping mall.

Look for Elini diamonds and jewellery if you are in Dubai, where you can get them for the best price. The Elini diamonds has great-certified value, coming from the capital of global diamond trading, so for sure, you will find at Elini what you are looking for.