Dubai Diamonds
Diamonds are starting to play a leading role in the vision of Dubai in which it would like to rule the jewellery and diamond market in the world. However, Dubai does not have its own diamonds only some sorts, which cannot be called real diamonds anyhow. These stones are called desert diamonds and although these are also used for making jewellery, their value is not even close to the value of real diamonds. So let us see the connection of Dubai and diamonds a little closer.

Dubai was always a big fan of all sorts of jewellery and gemstones and now it would like to have much more emphasis on diamonds within the sheikhdom, in order to increase diamonds business in the region. With the founding of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre in 2007, Dubai has started to make its plans come true. With the foundation of the DMCC Dubai wants to support trading with diamonds, especially with regard of the business being done by and in Dubai based companies if not wholly then partly. DMCC aims to help local diamond traders, manufacturers and jewellers, to connect with international jewelleries and jewel manufacturers of course through DMCC in the DMCC building and with the same company to take part in the contracting procedures as well. DMCC and DDE take care of all sorts of business using diamonds. Of course, diamond is not only used by jewellers, but also used for specific machines. Diamonds are the hardest ever materials and can cut glass the easiest.

DMCC wants to deal with diamonds so intensely that it has already taken part in making a specific park called Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and also making an academy where students would enrol exclusively in gemstone and jewellery related studies. However, there is not much information on the Dubai Diamonds Academy to be sure that what Dubai wants, then it will do its very best to make it come true. Diamonds play a very important role in the local jewellery industry of Dubai as well. No jeweller is there who would not sell any diamond jewellery and although there are several sorts of coloured diamonds on the market, still the pure diamonds are the most preferred.

The most well known jewelleries of Dubai who are experts in diamonds are the Samra, the Damas and the Joyalukkas jewelleries. Samra sells the highest number and variety of diamond jewellery ranging from single items to all sorts of sets including wedding or bridal sets as well. The Damas Jewellery is the seller of different local and international jewellery brands, so there is a high number of diamonds that run through their hands as well, but the manufacturing process is not done by DAMAS at all. The Joyalukkas is the largest and most famous Indian jewellery that has set foot in Dubai. Diamonds are highly popular and mined in India as well, so in this case diamonds come, and are manufactured by the domestic Indian Joyalukkas, which has proudly announced last year the opening of their Diamond cave in India.

Business with diamonds has always been grand, being the best-preferred gemstones in the world. When you come to Dubai, you can be the most sure to see some of the highest quality diamonds over here. Do not buy anything made out of diamond without receiving an authorised diamond certificate, which states that it is real.