Dubai Diamond Trading
Dubai is emerging as a potential top diamond trader in the last few years on the international diamond market. Dubai, which has by far been mostly famous for its gold and copper trading activities and before, has been in the jewellery industry with its first class pearls, is fighting the market in order to become a top jewellery and gemstone seller internationally.

Dubai has a very important if not leading role in the Middle Eastern business life. With the oil first, then with its developing tourism, Dubai is among the top income makers in the world already. The jewellery life in the Arabic country has been dominated by gold for a long time. Dubai is the Gold City as many are calling it and with Israel having the master role in Diamond trading all over the world, Dubai will need plenty of efforts in order to break into the diamond market as a potential contender to Israel in this regard.

Therefore, in 2007 Dubai has released its plan in order to increase attention and develop itself into a top diamond trader in the region. Dubai itself does not own diamond fields. It aims to create a name for itself through being the counsellor, networker and liaison party in the diamond business

Who takes care of the Dubai Diamond business?
The appointed company, which has gotten the important role to take care of the diamond business in Dubai, is called the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. This interesting name covers a lot of activity, most of which is seriously connected to diamond business. The idea of such thing as the DMCC is a very smart idea. The company is royally appointed of course and its role is to produce local diamond traders with all the facilities, amenities just like a club, in order to use the DMCC through whom the trading business will be done. This way the DMCC controls, enhances and helps in emphasising diamond business in Dubai.

How does DMCC work and what does it do exactly?
The right wing of the DMCC is called Dubai Diamond Exchange. The role of Dubai Diamond Exchange has key-importance as the executive sector of DMCC. The Dubai Diamond Exchange is the member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), which means the ability to bring international businesspersons together with local diamond dealers or jewellers to make the best business. DDE works like a club and like the party who does the networking and brings the business under the roof. Whoever joins the DDE will instantly have great opportunities with the DDE being the one, which organizes the business and the meeting itself. Parties can expect some great business in the future. Of course, the membership is far from being free, but considering the value of income with which the DDE can help, it is closer to being nothing. DMCC with DDE also works on several international tenders and takes part in the international meetings of the Diamond bourse.

Where is DMCC based?
The DMCC with the Dubai Diamond Exchange offices is based in the new ALMAS tower, its name meaning also diamond, in the area of the brand new Jumeirah Lake Towers.