Dubai Diamond Jewellery
Starting from around ten years ago, Dubai has decided to make the necessary steps and instalments in order to get to the podium of international jewellery market as a merchandiser and a counsellor dealing with the making up of business meetings and compose the necessary paperwork for the cooperation. Dubai Diamond jewellery is made out of the best Dubai Cut diamonds and the finest shapes and designs. Dubai cut is also famous for its diamond certificate system, where you cannot miss getting a certificate on your diamond to be real.

The Dubai International Jewellery week aims to attract a growing number of businesspersons yearly in order for them to make business in Dubai. You will see only the best jewellery during this event, with the highest possible security of course. Of course, hardly a place exists in Dubai where there would be no jewelleries. Let us see now the best jewellers and places where you get the best Dubai Diamond Jewellery:

Gold Souk
This picturesque souk or marketplace wholly dedicated for jewellers is a sure choice a great place for getting the best jewellery and the best bargains as well. Here you can get fine Dubai diamond jewellery. The Indian jewellery stores are the cheapest. If you find nice diamond jewellery, make sure you only pay if it has the certificate on where it was mined, on carats, cut and cleanness.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
This is not a new place, however it s been trendy mostly from 2009 when it was renovated and enlarged. Here you can see the worldwide rare purple gold and beautiful Dubai diamond jewellery. The Park is by the Jebel Ali free zone, not far from Dubai. It is a nice tourist attraction as well; its visitors centre welcomes visitors every day.

Shopping centres
The largest shopping mall of Dubai is the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall has a great Gold Souk on its own, with the best jewellery stores being open also here. However, the prices are likely to be higher here. You can still make some great bargain and have an extra wide choice. Each shopping mall has plenty of jewellery stores though.

Damas Jewellery
This is Dubai’s most prominent jewellery brand, which sells over thirty different sub brands in its stores. Damas has three sorts of stores ranging from the most exclusives to those offering affordable pieces of jewellery for a much more economical rate. Damas is very popular among tourists. It has many discounts as well.

Samra Jewellery
Samra is very popular. With its great detailed website, you can shop at Samra even without being in Dubai. Samra offers pure diamond and mixed jewellery as well. Different jewellers design all its five different collections. It is really worth looking around here. Samra is also very strong in wedding jewellery. With its different collections, the Samra, Splendore and Aria Samra are very prepared for all expectations.

The most recognized Indian jewellery brand selling fine quality Indian and Dubai diamond jewellery offers has great modern designs. There is no jewellery, which they would not sell. Joyalukkas has several stores in Dubai, is also present at the Gold Souk. Joyalukkas is among the very few types of jewellery that had been awarded personally by the Sheikh and ruler of Dubai. Dubai diamond jewellery is more than worth visiting.