Dubai Diamond Jewellers
Dubai of the United Arab Emirates is playing a leading role in the world’s diamond business. With its globally famous trading skills and techniques, today the sheikhdom is a real jewellery and diamond empire, which is great for tourists who can buy here cheap extra good quality diamond jewellery. The number of Dubai diamond jewellers is among the highest in the world. The fact that the trading and making of diamond business in Dubai is all tax-free gives Dubai an extra advantage. The Dubai diamond jewellers are either Arabic or Indian. As most diamonds come straight from India, the Indian jewellers sell their diamond jewellery extra cheaply over here.

Dubai has the best variety of quality jewellery stores in the world. There is no place in Dubai where you would not see at least one-diamond jewellers in your walking or living area. We will enlist some of the best Dubai diamond jewellers where it is the best to shop.

Damas Jewellery
Damas offers more than thirty various collections, coming from both domestic and international jewellery manufacturers. For this reason, Damas Jewellery is among the top Dubai diamond jewellers. Its jewellery is various and comes in different price ranges in the three different types of stores of Damas. If you want to see the most exclusive collections of Damas, look for the Damas Les Exclusives stores. Each brand of Damas is made in different themes. Always ask for the help of the assistant on what exactly would you like to buy and which style.

Himat Jewellery
Himat Jewellery is another very famous and popular jewellery brand in Dubai. The Himat Jewelleries has wide offers of all sorts of diamond jewelleries, from rings to bracelets; you can find everything in here. Himat Jewellery has also a great and detailed website from where you can order and buy, even though you do not live in Dubai.

Joyalukkas Jewellery
The Indian Joyalukkas Jewellery offers more than ten different collections each one with different themes. Joyalukkas is the one and only Indian Jewellery brand, which was awarded being the most successful and quality Dubai diamond jewellers and currently the Joyalukkas is indeed among the best jewellery brands in Dubai. You can see all sorts of beautiful diamond jewellery in the stores of Joyalukkas.

Samra Jewellery
Samra Jewellery is famous for its impeccable diamond jewellery collections. Samra is among the specialist Dubai diamond jewellers that offers great quality and beautifully designed diamond jewellery. Samra prefers the white gold for its collections, but if you prefer the yellow gold, you can also get to see several sorts at the shop of Samra. Samra Jewellery has an excellent detailed website, which offers its goods to be bought online too.

Taiba Jewellery
Taiba Jewellery is one of the most prominent jewellery brands of Dubai. Taiba sells just everything made out of gold. Taiba has also a great website where you can check out all of its goods with the prices.

Al Zain and Al Futtaim Jewelleries
Both these jewelleries are among the biggest Dubai diamond jewellers. Both brands have several stores in Dubai and you will be amazed by the wide choice they offer. Al Futtaim is also a specialist in diamond-decorated watches.

In august, it is the Ramadan season in Dubai. This means great shopping offers on behalf of Dubai diamond jewellers. This is a great holy season and all great Dubai diamond jewellers are prepared with special diamond Ramadan sets and jewelleries for those who would like to make this Ramadan even more memorable.