Dubai Diamond Price
Dubai diamond price is a lot friendlier than anywhere in the world. The diamond stores sell diamond jewellery for good prices. This is due to the tax-free manufacturing and employment when it comes to diamonds. This wins a lot for the sheikhdom and it helps being present at a top place by means of international diamond trading. Dubai diamond price is up to the quality of the diamond, its basic manufacturing costs and all the adjoining costs that comes with its handling or storing.

Now let us see a couple of basic prices of some of the biggest jewellery shops in Dubai. Please note though that if you go to the Gold Souk, you can get at much better prices, even up to 20-30% cheaper than their original prices. Still it gives you a base on what you can expect when it comes to Dubai diamond price.

Many types of jewellery are there for which they may not want to publishes their prices. This is an Arabic method of merchants. You will need to ask and get into conversation with the person that sells the jewel. This is a valued technique in Dubai as well. Normally, it is mostly up to the salesperson as to what price he will tell you at first. They tell slightly higher prices for tourists. In addition, they form the price by looking at you. Many tourists cannot negotiate and will not try to haggle. This unfortunately made many businesspersons lazy in Dubai. However, haggling is a general technique for getting better Dubai diamond price, so do your best to haggle, negotiate with success. Top jewelleries as Damas, Dhamani or Himat Jewellery do not publish their jewellery or diamond prices at all.

At Samra Jewellery, diamond price is stated in USD automatically, so we will take USD as a base to establish the basic prices here. A nice three-diamond ring at Samra starts from around USD 650. The price of a diamond decorated band costs averagely between USD 2000 and 3000. However, sky is the limit. For a 2,44K diamond band, you will need to pay around 13K USD which still counts little if we will see how much this band costs outside of Dubai. Earrings decorated with diamonds are sold from around USD 700. Diamond bracelets cost more because of their much longer size. A diamond bracelet starts from USD 5000. If you want to take one mixed with other gemstones, you can get one for half this price too. Dubai diamond price is very different when it comes to coloured diamonds or mixing diamonds with other coloured gemstones. In addition, Dubai diamond price depends on the carat, size and clarity of the diamond sold.

Taiba offers 18K and 21K golden jewellery. The Najmat 18K collection costs around 400 USD. You can get even 21K golden rings and bands from USD 400. This is a very rich price for golden rings. These are decorated with diamonds. Taiba offers everything in different category. Rings, engagement rings and wedding rings are all offered diversely. Bangles are also in different category up to their thickness. Taiba is also among the few, which sells also Hijab style diamond jewellery sets, and Islamic diamond decorated pendants as well. The Dubai diamond price at Taiba is more than friendly.

Dubai diamond price will not grow much more than it does these recent years. The policies and laws in the Middle East change a lot more differently than in Europe or in the US. However, when you count with the Dubai diamond price, consider the fact that upon arrival in your country, you might be wished to pay a certain previously determined percent of the jewellery’s total value. Check your state or country laws before opting for diamond buying in Dubai.