Diamond Rings Dubai
What can be more beautiful and useful than the beautiful diamond pendants? Diamond pendants can be used as hangers on necklaces or bracelets or they can be used as a broche as well. Diamond pendants give place for imagination. For this reason, there is variety of diamond pendants among the biggest as they are among the most popular types of jewellery. Pendants mean great business for any jeweller.

In the last decade, there has been a large revival of the jewellery industry of Dubai. The sheikhdom has taken several steps in order to recreate Dubai into a main business and merchandising hub of diamonds and jewellery. The yearly Dubai International Jewellery week aims these developments, such as the setting up of such free zone installations as the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. Today, you can get the finest jewellery in Dubai as it is proven by the total jewellery sold there outnumbering the sales of any other country.

Let us see what types of diamond pendants that you can get in Dubai:

Pure Diamond pendants:
You can find some great pure diamond pendants at Samra jewellery, Samra has four ranges selling different designs Damas Jewellery, which sells the jewelleries of more than 30 manufacturers from all over the world and at Ajediam Jewellery which is Indian jewellery selling great quality pieces. Samra has four great collections, which offer you great beautiful pendants.

Diamond pendants with other gemstones:
Diamond pendants look beautiful decorated with other gemstones. Opal, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire are often used in pendants. These are very elegant, sophisticated art pieces. You can see them at any big jewellery stores, such as Samra, Damas, and Joyalukkas. These pendants are mainly made with the usage of either white gold, or white mixed with yellow gold in the most artistic ways.

Golden diamond pendants:
There is no place in Dubai where you would not see gold. Dubai is full of jewellery stores selling great quality gold. You will find the best bargains in the Gold Souk. The Gold Souk is located in Deira and is among the best-visited places in Dubai and it is really no wonder. Try the Indian jewellery stores, like the Joyalukkas and the classic golden jewellery stores like the Taiba Jewellery.

Platinum diamond pendants:
Platinum is rare even in Dubai. Thanks to its extra high price, it is far from the most affordable category. However, at Ajediam Jewellery you can get platinum diamond jewellery for a more affordable price. Also, look around at the Damas Les Exclusives stores, which are the highest quality stores of Damas Jewellery.

Wedding diamond pendants:
The best specific wedding pendants and sets you can get in the stores at Samra and Joyalukkas Jewelleries. You can find them all in the famous Gold Souk. Pendants are mostly sold as parts of wedding sets.

You will see high variety of all sorts of pendants in Dubai. Dubai is the worlds top jewellery seller already and it is even looking for expanding its business possibilities in jewellery trading. Get your diamond pendants along with a beautiful set. Moreover, always ask for a certificate for your diamond jewellery.