Diamond Greezer
Diamond Geezer has been doing its business brilliantly. The company owns the ISO: 9001 awarded by the Trade and Industry Awards this is an outstanding company, not another scammer who wants your money for nothing. Diamond Geezer is standing out of the row in several ways. Based in London they are growing to be one of the most influential diamond companies of Europe.

We do not know much about the actual owners of the Diamond Geezer Company. We only know that it is a highly dedicated family firm dealing with diamonds over 40 years. First, Diamond Geezer buys its diamonds from DeBeers Company, which is behind almost the total diamond trading business in the world from South Africa. The diamonds, which are bought by Diamond Geezer, are all certified. The UK based company has started out as a diamond and jewellery maker which then transferred its good to be sold by other jewellery companies in Germany , the US and Australia, not to mention the United Kingdom itself. Then some years ago, it has changed profile and came out to light as an independent diamond business to sell straight to the public. Unlike most diamond jewellery selling websites, Diamond Geezer is designing and manufacturing all of its diamond jewellery in-house. The company has three designers and its own factory for jewellery manufacturing. The Diamond Geezer has become famous for the BBCs Dragon’s Den programme out of which they eventually decided to step out for the wellbeing of their own company so the two parties parted without any extra attention.

This means a lot higher overall knowledge about diamonds and jewellery all the same and this also makes them unique among the many retail businesses whose jewellery come from an undefined source. Diamond Geezer has its warrantees and certificates for every aspects of online selling. Unlike many, they carry the PCI compliant certificate, saving credit card holders from any online frauds. The Diamond Geezer has several partners though from Antwerp, Israel, India, Russia, China, and about coloured gemstones Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Malaysia. They deal with all sorts of house-made jewelleries and with watches. You can also order unique jewellery for yourself or anyone of your beloved circle of friends or family. The website of the Diamond geezer features a great diamond trading material where you have to define the carat, the colour and the clarity of the featured diamond. The company does its best to reflect on the fact that they are strictly against Blood diamonds and they have raised an online movement against these war diamonds coming mainly from Zimbabwe these years. In addition, Diamond Geezer offers money back guarantee and extra quick services for the online orders.

Although its contact with Israel stops this highly qualified firm to get into much business contact in Dubai, it is slowly getting bigger and bigger in Europe. Apart from the Tiffany and Co, it is Diamond Geezer and the Dubai Joyalukkas companies who rule the small group of owning the rare ISO 9001 certification.