Dubai Diamond Bracelets
In Dubai, you will have the widest chance in the world to buy quality jewellery. When it comes to diamonds, now Dubai is the place. Here, all sorts of the best diamond bracelets exist that you can see from all over the world, made out of the very best diamonds called Dubai Cut. This means that each diamond has its number, which you can also find, written on the stone. Dubai diamonds are those, which come with the certificate, the purest diamonds the cleanest diamonds are Dubai diamonds. The committee responsible for diamond trading in Dubai takes care to treasure and deal with the highest quality diamonds.

Diamonds and gold trading go hand in hand in Dubai. You can get them at the same places. You can always negotiate for the best prices in the Gold Souk. Many tourists do not negotiate enough, although they could spare more than a thousand EUR with a good deal.

Pure diamond bracelets
Samra jewellery offers a wide range of fine diamond bracelets. Look up the stores of the Indian Ajediam and Joyalukkas too. The highest number of raw diamonds arrives in Dubai from India. Therefore, you do well to yourself if you look up the offers of Indian jewelleries. They can give you great quality jewellery for half than they would cost out of Dubai.

Golden Diamond bracelets
Gold that is used for diamonds is mostly white gold nowadays, to make it more stylish. White gold is also often used mixed up with yellow gold as well. Gold is the highest used material for diamond jewellery. The quality of gold lets the diamond to be even shinier, to look even more elegant.

Platinum Diamond bracelets
Platinum is the most expensive metal ever existed for jewellery manufacturing. For this reason, the platinum is not that highly popular to buy anywhere, due to its high price. Yet you can save up a lot, if you choose to buy platinum in Dubai. There are not many places selling platinum jewellery, but Ajediam is one of the very few. You can find the shop of Ajediam in the Gold souk all the same. Look around for platinum in the Damas Les Exclusives stores too.

Wedding diamond bracelets
Wedding diamond bracelets mostly come in sets. The strongest wedding collections are to be found in the Samra and Joyalukkas jewellery stores. It was Joyalukkas, which invented the wedding jewellery corners in its jewellery stores. Get a beautiful wedding set for you and for your family; it can be kept for the weddings of your family’s future generations.

Bracelets made with other coloured gemstones
Some jewellery brands make beautiful diamond bracelets, which are decorated with other precious coloured gemstones too In this regard; Damas and Joyalukkas have the best and most colourful collections.

Get your diamond bracelets in sets. This way you spare money and you will have a nicely suiting pair of earrings or necklace that go with your bracelets. Be patient and look up the variety of several jewellery stores. Visit the Dubai souk, where you can get the best bargains.