Dubai Diamond Bands
What can be classic than a band decorated with diamonds? Bands are used both by men and women and the wedding band is a specific category within the jewellery industry.

Bands give more choice for gemstones and materials to make a beautiful mixture with a more space for decoration and fantasy then there is with general rings. That is why bands are often used to emphasise richness, elegance and strong bong between married couples. Men’s bands also belong to a different category as in this case they are made out of silver or platinum the most.

There is no jewellery store in Dubai, which would not offer at least two dozen types of different bands though. If you visit the most popular gold hunting place in Dubai, called Gold Souk and is located in Deira, you can make the best bargains if you are smart enough to do so. There are people who can save up even a thousand EUR or USD from the total value of a jewel. You will see a huge choice for all sorts of golden and diamond bands all over the place. Yet, as you can expect, a band makes more than double the weight and size of an ordinary ring, which means it takes at least 3 times more gold or platinum in order to get them made. A diamond band for this reason is highly treasured and it is worth buying in the most sophisticated jewellery stores of Dubai.

Let us represent you with a couple of choices on where to get the best diamond bands in Dubai. Most of these mentioned brands are represented in the Gold Souk, where you can find them in one place:

Taiba Jewellery
Taiba Jewellery is one of the most prominent jewellery manufacturer and business in Dubai. Taiba is world famous for holding the largest and heaviest band in the world. You can get to see this treasure in Dubai. Taiba, therefore, is a kind of ring specialist, offering a wide range of choice on diamond bands, mostly made with yellow gold but of course, you can also buy white gold bands. The decoration here is very different which means a good distinction point. Taiba sells especially wide diamond bands and bands with special diamond setting.

Samra Jewellery
Samra Jewellery is a kind of wedding specialist in Dubai, so you can be sure to get the best wedding diamond bands over here. Samra prefers the usage of pure diamond and prefers white gold to yellow gold, so the most white gold diamond bands you will get to see here. Samra also offers several different collections, for men, women and couples as well.

The Indian jewellery brand is one of the most popular brands in Dubai. Although Joyalukkas prefers the usage of yellow gold, its jewellery is made with high imagination and great fantasy, creating some individual masterpieces of diamond bands. Joyalukkas also offers several sub brands with each one of them of a slightly different in style.

Many other jewellery brands are well known for their fine jewellery with diamond bands. Damas Jewellery for example has the most stores in Dubai, together with Al Zain. All these Dubai jewelleries offer you the best quality diamond bands; the rest is up to your taste and preferences. For sure, you will have a hard time choosing out of the much beautiful jewellery that Dubai have to offer.