Buying Diamonds in Dubai
Buying diamonds is very easy in Dubai. There is no place in the city where you could not find a jewellery store in the close surroundings. Jewellery is the best-sold good of Dubai and they are very happy with it. Buying diamonds is a great business in Dubai with which you can win a lot. As the price is a lot lower in the area as in, transportation as by means of manufacturing, with one Dubai diamond you can save even more than a thousand EUR or USD. In the Dubai Gold Souk, you can find the best deals and you can find all the big brands of Dubai jewellery having stores over there. Here are some basic information on the where’s, when’s and how’s on buying diamonds in Dubai.

There are two main places on buying diamonds in Dubai: the Gold souk and the shopping malls. The Gold souk has the best prices and the highest variety, meanwhile in the shopping malls you can get to see more of the international offer of jewellery stores. Places like the Saks 5th Avenue or the Bloomingdale’s, not to mention the Tiffany and Co. sell high quality jewellery. The designer stores, such as Bvlgari, Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana also sell beautiful first class jewellery. The best stores of Damas, Taiba, Al Zain and all the others are also located in the shiny shopping malls. There are hundreds of jewellery stores in Dubai, only Damas has three types of stores. You can see the biggest collections in the big Dubai Gold and Diamond Park all year long though. The visitor centre is open every day, with the offer of dozens of shops. The Dubai Mall has also its own Gold Souk with the offer of dozens of international jewellery shops. Buying diamonds has never been easier in Dubai.

The best time for buying diamonds in Dubai with all the rest of jewellery or fashion items is in the summer, when during the Dubai Summer Surprises, all shops release great bargains and discounts on most of their items. The best time to see the best items and collections is during the International Jewellery Week in November each year. The Dubai Summer Surprises start from June and lasts until August. The Summer Surprises serves more than well for the Ramadan season.

If you are smart, you can get some great items for half of their international price. Try with cash not with credit card. In the Gold Souk, it is the best to go with cash anyways. The Arabic people like to negotiate, so do not hesitate from trying to get a better price. The shopping malls are also available for negotiation but not that much. Be smart and check if you can get your diamond certificate along with the jewellery you have bought. Dubai diamonds are always sold with certificates. Buying diamonds is a great deal and beautiful businesses but do it with care and with being always polite.

Buying diamonds in Dubai is a never-ending possibility and a great aesthetic experience especially for those who are fans of diamonds and jewellery. For this reason, a big part of Dubai tourism is build on giving the chance for the tourists for buying diamonds. Look around you too on the diamond and jewellery market of Dubai.