Al Futtaim Jewellery & Diamonds
Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery is one of the biggest retailers and wholesalers of top quality jewellery and watches in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates. Although strong in all sorts of jewellery and diamond selling, Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery puts higher emphasis on its quality watches. Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery has the sole and exclusive rights to sell a couple of dominant watches brands in Dubai and UAE, just like Raymond Weil and Seiko watches.

Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery is part of the huge Al Futtaim Group, which is among the biggest corporations of the Middle East. Al Futtaim Group deals with nearly everything from hotels to technology. Their jewellery brand has quickly grown out to be among the most important jewellery merchandisers in Dubai. The shops under Al Futtaim are the Al Futtaim Watches, Al Futtaim Jewellery, Raymond Weil, The Watch House and Time Zone stores. Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery has exclusive trading agreements with lots of main brands of watches, and therefore as watches bring long-term success, they are concentrating more on this trade. Among the brand that their watch stores sell, we can find also Espirit, Kolbert, Westar next to Raymond Weil and Seiko brands. The 40 Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery stores can be found also in Singapore, Malaysia, all around Africa and in each of the Gulf Countries. The Al Futtaim Jewellery has made its first trading contract with the Japanese Seiko brand in 1971.

The jewellery of Al Futtaim Watches and Jewellery contains highly exclusive pieces, made out of the best quality gold, platinum, diamond and pearls. Al Futtaim Jewellery is especially specialised in selling the best pearl jewellery. The brand uses the great quality Japanese Minato pearls being among the best ever quality pearls in the world, by using them either with their pure look or by painting them pink, gold, green and black. There is no jewellery type, which would not be sold by Al Futtaim Jewellery starting from rings to bracelets, anklets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and beautiful wedding sets. Customised jewellery and sets made by orders is also very common at Al Futtaim. The brand uses the highest quality diamonds for its jewellery coming straight from Antwerp, Belgium. Al Futtaim Jewellery owns a service of altogether 10 workshops, which provide post-sales and regular service all around the United Arab Emirates. The service has a hotline which if you call; you can get answers to any related questions.

You can find the shops of Al Futtaim in:
• Deira City Centre, 1st Floor
• Burjuman Centre 1st floor
• Lamcy Plaza : 1st Floor
• Dubai Festival City: Nanis Boutique Jewellery
• Dubai Festival City: Al Futtaim Jewellery
• Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk

If you look around in one of the Dubai stores of Al Futtaim Jewellery and Watches, for sure you will not come away with empty hands. Great prices, great variety and great quality are what make Al Futtaim Jewellery one of the most popular jewelleries of Dubai.